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Many UK heat exchanger companies all have their unique expertise in certain types of heat exchangers. A Couple of the bigger companies do nearly all heat types of heat exchangers. However these have workshops outside of the UK. So before the UK loses all it's heat exchanger manufacturers lets help to build the UK market and keep it stronger than ever.

Please join us on our community help out add content get involved, help & support the UK Heat Exchanger Market.

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UK HEAT EXCHANGER ASSOCIATION & HEAT EXCHANGER WORLD. Link up to help promote the heat exchanger market

Although UKHEA only promotes the growth in the UK. UKHEA believes in order to help promote the UK Market  UKHEA needs to be seen globally and the HEW can help promote this. In return the UKHEA will help promote HEW in the UK.  25/01/2024

Are you a UK Heat Exchanger Manufacturer and thinking of exhibiting at the 2024 Heat Exchanger World Conference Expo Europe? 6-7th Nov 2024 Rotterdam Ahoy. Contact UKHEA to receive Discount prices 

Turnbull & Scott now offer in house testing services 03/11/2023

Turnbull & Scott Host Mr john Lamont. The secretary of state for Scotland. 02/10/2023

“The Heat Exchange Group Hosted 50 students to show them the quality in the UK Heat Exchanger Manufacturing business.” 29/09/2023

” Glacier Energy Designed and manufactured a high pressure hydrogen cooler to cool hydrogen at 1150Bar” 26/09/2023

” AMI Employ a new external sales manager”

“Saphex Increase capabilities by machining their own tube plates” 23/09/2023

Employers and employees may post employment opportunities, while independent contractors and employees may express their availability for work or interest in new opportunities.

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UKHEA is designed to help the UK Heat Exchanger Market thrive by bringing together employers, employees, and suppliers into the heat exchanger market. Our platform offers a great opportunity to grow your business by connecting with professionals, finding new jobs, and enhancing your skills.

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